Seventh Generation

13. Johan Ernst7 PUSTKOKE (Johann Henrich6, Johann Cordt5, Johann (Johan)4 PUSTEKOKE (PUESTKOCKE), Cordt3 PUSTKOKE, Cordt (Curdt)2 PUSTEKOKE, 15201) (#510) was born in Blomberg, Germany 25 September 1711.(10) Johan died 16 October 1780 in Blomberg, Germany, at 69 years of age.(11)

He married twice. He married Amalia KAMPERS in Blomberg, Germany, 5 July 1741.(12) (Amalia KAMPERS is #529.) Amalia was the daughter of Gurgen KAMPERS. Amalia died 1748 in Blomberg, Germany. He married Margaretha Katharina (Isalbein) BLUME in Blomberg, Germany, AFT 1748.(13) (Margaretha Katharina (Isalbein) BLUME is #531.) Margaretha is the daughter of Adolph BLUME and Margaret HOCKER.

Johan Ernst PUSTKOKE and Amalia KAMPERS had the following children:

child 16 i. Male 18 PUSTKOKE (#537) was born in died early.(14)

child 17 ii. Male 2 PUSTKOKE (#538) was born in died early.(15)

child + 18 iii. Friedrich Wilhelm POESTKOKE was born 22 November 1746.

Johan Ernst PUSTKOKE and Margaretha Katharina (Isalbein) BLUME had the following children:

child 19 iv. Johan Friedrich PUSTKOKE (#3616).

child 20 v. Margaretha PUSTKOKE (#3617). She married BECKER. ( BECKER is #3618.)

child 21 vi. Friedrich Adolph POESTKOKE (#535) was born in Blomberg, Germany 22 November 1755.(16) Friedrich died 1799 in Amsterdam, Holland, at 43 years of age.(17) He married Elizabeth GROOTHUYSEN in Amsterdam, Holland, 1784.(18) (Elizabeth GROOTHUYSEN is #540.)

Friedrich was honored in Amsterdam, Holland, 1779.(19)

child + 22 vii. Anton Henrich PUSTKOKE was born 19 February 1761.

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